Peonies: The Floozies of the Garden

I read somewhere that peonies are often referred to as “the floozies of the garden” because of their scene-stealing beauty. These images, captured at blossoms’ peak, are on my desktop, so I can refer to them over and over again and again. I am simply weak for peonies! How about you?

The Passion of Paeonia

Each new
May morning
beauty is flaunted
against the blazing

crimson of the garage
the cool
undergrowth of the dawn
ruptures into a thousand propositions

fastened on extended necks
nodding like flirtatious geishas
as the fragrance wafts
like 12-year-old scotch

from parted lips.
If it is your proclivity
to be seduced
you will pause along the path

as Apollo did, your eyes
confiding ardent yearnings.
But if your heart
sustains within it

the hesitation
that is lonelier than death
it is perhaps more prudent
to be on your way

never turning to look back.
For lovely Paeonia
in all her capricious zeal
will be long gone by the end of June.

About Smallpeace

Michele Karas is a poet, essayist, and longstanding professional copywriter, who currently works for a top-five US book publisher. Her poems and prose have appeared in literary journals, including Tinderbox, THRUSH, Alaska Quarterly Review, and Narrative magazine, among others. Michele holds a BA in Journalism from San Diego State University and an MFA in Creative Writing from CUNY, The City College of New York. Find her on Twitter @small_peace.
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6 Responses to Peonies: The Floozies of the Garden

  1. my9demons says:

    “the hesitation
    that is lonelier than death”–
    what a gorgeous phase to capture that terrible inner withholding! i am frankly seduced by your language as much as by the pictures of peonies, and i love peonies.

  2. Barbara says:

    Oh, how I miss them from my youth in the midwest where they were prolific. If I close my eyes, I think I can still remember that amazing smell. To buy them here in San Diego, they price right up there with oil and gold. How nice you enjoy them as much as I always did.

  3. Touch2Touch says:

    Your photos somewhat reconcile me to peonies, which (sorry) I do not love. But YOUR love of them shines through, radiating to the rest of us.
    (The image of them as floozies, and flirtation geishas, those I can really relate to, and they make me laugh. Another great reconciler.)

    • Smallpeace says:

      My love for peonies is a conflicted one. (Their beauty is so obvious). As i am not inclined to pink flowers, I do prefer the white varietals, where texture steals the show. Still, it’s hard not to be seduced by that smell!

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