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Finding Smallpeace in the City

What makes us stop seeing? Why do we spend so much time looking forward to things instead of simply enjoying the moment? Here’s the thing, there is no excuse for not looking. None. Because there are so many things that … Continue reading

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Four-Legged House Guests

This past weekend, we had a full house at Smallpeace—complete with guests of the four-legged variety. There was Teddy-Buddy—an Australian Shepherd, aptly named for his cuddly, sweet nature—who simply couldn’t understand why the hedgehog under the tool shed didn’t want … Continue reading

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Oui-Oui Clafoutis!

They called to me from the fruit section of our local farmers market. I tried to resist, but their red juicy lusciousness kept beckoning: Buy us, buy us, we’re in season! So I relented. Now, what was I going to … Continue reading

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Don’t Worry, Be Happy

I don’t know about you, but nothing makes me more anxious than to be asked: Are you happy? I am a worrier, you see, genetically hard-wired to anticipate disaster, chaos, and catastrophe. I’m the half of the couple who—at least … Continue reading

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An Enchanting Encounter

I’d always known it was there, of course: The magical little water source around the side of our garage. Obscured by weeds and tangled saplings, it quietly bubbled away under a blanket of pond moss and a bed of wild … Continue reading

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The Three Jakes

They came strutting across our newly seeded lawn like swaggering, fat little soldiers in a tight trio formation. Blabbering noisily, they bobbed their heads up and down and back and forth like pistons, occasionally stopping to scratch for grubs with … Continue reading

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The Kindness of Strange Neighbors

Our neighbors up the road are a colorful brood, who are a living testament to my theory that poor dental hygiene, the irresponsible use of firearms, and animal hoarding frequently go hand-in-hand. And I don’t say that to be deliberately … Continue reading

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Ode to Early Risers

I have never been a particularly early (or cheerful) riser, but lately, our life at Smallpeace has inspired me to rethink old habits. Here, dawn comes on like a light switch, with choirs of insects, farm animals, and songbirds singing … Continue reading

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