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Excuse Me, Sir, Your Jalaba is Showing

It is an image that has inspired a thousand fashion collections: Patrick Lichfield’s photograph of Talitha Getty and John Paul Getty, Jr., on a Marrakech rooftop in 1969, when the couple were the embodiment of a certain kind of 1960s … Continue reading

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Change: The Other Reoccurring Theme

I’m trying not to focus on the chaos of an unexpected flood in our apartment bathroom—the mess, the stress, the sticky negotiations with building management, the inconvenience, the cost, the demolition, and whatever comes after that… Instead, I’m trying to … Continue reading

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Our Dream Kitchen Realized!

Dear readers, I thought I would end your week by inviting you to take a look-see inside our beautiful new kitchen. But before you do, I must first humbly acknowledge that a project of this caliber—nearly a year in the … Continue reading

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RUSTIC FRENCH HONEY CAKE: An Attempt at Baking Enlightenment

In yoga, it is often said that to maximize the benefits of practice, we should endeavor to “work toward our weaknesses,” which is why I am determined to become a better baker. Through practice, I feel certain, I will somehow … Continue reading

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Fall Back to Fall Projects

Happy almost Friday! I know, I know. I have yet to post photos of our finished kitchen renovation, but I do thank you for your continued interest. While the interior part of the project was officially through in May, our … Continue reading

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Au Revoir to Summer Feast (Sniff)

We’d been cautioned. Owning a house near the Berkshires is akin to running a bed and breakfast all summer long. Around February or March the calls start rolling in from winter-weary friends and family asking if they can take us … Continue reading

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Fuzzy Fantasia, or Foe?

This little fella showed up on B’s hand one morning and slayed us with its exotic beauty. Neither of us had ever seen anything like it. Apparently, s/he will grow up to be a white-marked tussock moth, whose favorite meals … Continue reading

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