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Artichoke Hearts with Lemon-Anchovy Sauce

Over the long weekend at Smallpeace, I had a little more kitchen time to devote to slightly more labor intensive dishes, such as Roman-style artichoke hearts braised in olive oil and white wine. Some of you had asked about this … Continue reading

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A Hope-Filled Easter Vision

Every now and then, I forget to look up from the sidewalk while I’m walking. I usually realize this just in time to avert disaster, just when life’s obstacles like to present themselves. Those obstacles make simple happiness seem farther … Continue reading

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Rough morning I do not have to be happy. I do not have to skip on tippy toes for all eight blocks to the subway, whistling. I only have to get from point A to point B with eyes pried … Continue reading

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Ode to a Daffodil

So I am climbing up and up the park stairs to City campus one Monday evening when I pass a bed of golden daffodils laughing.  “Spring is coming, spring is coming,” they gaily prattle as their many-pointed heads jiggle and … Continue reading

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An Early Sense of Snow

On Saturday afternoon the weather drew B and me to our living room window time and again to watch how quickly the snow was falling, then to see if the picnic table had disappeared, then to worry whether the old … Continue reading

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Flaming Catus, Batman! Still No Bathroom?

Day 836 without a working bathroom. All right, all right, it’s only day eight. Still, it feels like 836. And is evidenced by all the dirty laundry I have been lugging around on the subway, we are officially living like … Continue reading

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Our Dream Kitchen Realized!

Dear readers, I thought I would end your week by inviting you to take a look-see inside our beautiful new kitchen. But before you do, I must first humbly acknowledge that a project of this caliber—nearly a year in the … Continue reading

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Fuzzy Fantasia, or Foe?

This little fella showed up on B’s hand one morning and slayed us with its exotic beauty. Neither of us had ever seen anything like it. Apparently, s/he will grow up to be a white-marked tussock moth, whose favorite meals … Continue reading

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The Houseguests Are Coming!

I love having houseguests come to stay at Smallpeace. However, it’s such an intimate setting (translation: one bathroom) that only the most flexible, easygoing friends get the invite. Or at least get the invite twice. You learn a lot about … Continue reading

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Be Nice, Irene!

For a variety of reasons, we made the difficult decision to remain in the city for the duration of the hurricane, though we continue to monitor its progress from here. Irene has been officially downgraded to a Tropical storm, yet … Continue reading

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