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Forever Summer

After the days have long drawn in upon themselves, and the White Witch has cast her somnambulant spell over Smallpeace, I will remember these things about summer in no particular order: The heady, black pepper and anise scent of Ooms … Continue reading

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The Impermanence of Trees (and Everything Else)

Call me a Chicken Little, but trees scare me. They grow while you are sleeping, and they can come crashing down at any time. Right now, a sugar maple is lying partially across our roof. I’ve considered leaving it there … Continue reading

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Love is in the Air

There are turkeys living down our road. They live there all year round, yet they surprise and delight me every time I walk past Duke’s place. Now that the weather is warming, the gobblers are puffing and preening along the … Continue reading

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Ode to Transformation

I have always taken a quiet comfort in the changing of the seasons. Even in times of deep despair, there is hope in the certainty that the landscape, now slipping into its winter torpor, will one day reawaken. There is … Continue reading

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Prayer Leaves

I want to note the seasonal changes at our pond every day. And count the fallen tree limbs after every storm. I want to trudge through the rain and the snow, rather than watch it from my window. And when … Continue reading

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An Early Sense of Snow

On Saturday afternoon the weather drew B and me to our living room window time and again to watch how quickly the snow was falling, then to see if the picnic table had disappeared, then to worry whether the old … Continue reading

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Be Nice, Irene!

For a variety of reasons, we made the difficult decision to remain in the city for the duration of the hurricane, though we continue to monitor its progress from here. Irene has been officially downgraded to a Tropical storm, yet … Continue reading

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Batten Down the Hatches, My Pretties!

A hurricane’s a comin’! A hurricane’s a comin’! And on the heels of the biggest earthquake to have rocked New York since 1884, no less. Truly, such a confluence of natural disasters might (I said might) make certain people draw some … Continue reading

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There and Back Again: A Magical Adventure

Once upon a time there was a woman who lived in a quiet rural village, where no one believed in magic. She tried to make due by making up stories and talking to the animals. But such amusements only last … Continue reading

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An Enchanting Encounter

I’d always known it was there, of course: The magical little water source around the side of our garage. Obscured by weeds and tangled saplings, it quietly bubbled away under a blanket of pond moss and a bed of wild … Continue reading

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