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An Early Sense of Snow

On Saturday afternoon the weather drew B and me to our living room window time and again to watch how quickly the snow was falling, then to see if the picnic table had disappeared, then to worry whether the old … Continue reading

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Autumn Veg & Lentil Shepherd’s Pie

I created this standby Lentil Shepherd’s Pie quite early in my romance with B, at a time when I was a serious vegetarian fresh off the bus from California and he…well…he was an Irishman. Perhaps it’s due to the changing … Continue reading

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Breathing in the Sunlight on My Birthday Weekend

Autumn color is underway here in northern Columbia County. Here are some images that made me smile over my birthday weekend. It was a beautiful afternoon, with the sun slanting across the trees and our neighbor’s barn… And B and … Continue reading

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Ode to a Lord and His Lady Love

It was 2:18 on a Sunday afternoon and the wedding was set to commence at 2:30 pm. Crap! It would have helped if we’d been a little more familiar with the environs of Poughkeepsie (New York, that is), only we … Continue reading

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Flaming Catus, Batman! Still No Bathroom?

Day 836 without a working bathroom. All right, all right, it’s only day eight. Still, it feels like 836. And is evidenced by all the dirty laundry I have been lugging around on the subway, we are officially living like … Continue reading

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Excuse Me, Sir, Your Jalaba is Showing

It is an image that has inspired a thousand fashion collections: Patrick Lichfield’s photograph of Talitha Getty and John Paul Getty, Jr., on a Marrakech rooftop in 1969, when the couple were the embodiment of a certain kind of 1960s … Continue reading

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Change: The Other Reoccurring Theme

I’m trying not to focus on the chaos of an unexpected flood in our apartment bathroom—the mess, the stress, the sticky negotiations with building management, the inconvenience, the cost, the demolition, and whatever comes after that… Instead, I’m trying to … Continue reading

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Our Dream Kitchen Realized!

Dear readers, I thought I would end your week by inviting you to take a look-see inside our beautiful new kitchen. But before you do, I must first humbly acknowledge that a project of this caliber—nearly a year in the … Continue reading

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RUSTIC FRENCH HONEY CAKE: An Attempt at Baking Enlightenment

In yoga, it is often said that to maximize the benefits of practice, we should endeavor to “work toward our weaknesses,” which is why I am determined to become a better baker. Through practice, I feel certain, I will somehow … Continue reading

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Fall Back to Fall Projects

Happy almost Friday! I know, I know. I have yet to post photos of our finished kitchen renovation, but I do thank you for your continued interest. While the interior part of the project was officially through in May, our … Continue reading

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